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I think we should start with the definiton of the word to avoid any confusion. says that pescatarian is a person whose diet is mostly vegeterian but includes fish and seafood. In a nutshell you eat your veggies-fruits, drink lattes with cow milk, consume delicious sea creatures, but do not touch anything that walks on two or four legs; or anything that flies for that matter. I tried to go all fancy soy latte hipster thing but.. Have you tried soy latte? It is terrible! Worst nightmare imaginable. I know that dairy might be a problem if you are dealing with skin issues but you know, from time to time a little bit hopefully won’t hurt.


It all started with my curiosity. What is it like not to consume meat anymore? Will I miss it? Will there be any change in my health? I was also interested in finding out if cutting out meat would have any effect on my skin. It is known that like dairy meat is inflammatory. So I tried it for one year and in this post I will share my journey.

The whole not eating animals thing was supposed to be a one month long experiment. Well, it went on for another 11 months.. I did not think about animals and their feelings and the environmental damage and whatnot (sounds terrible I know), but just for the experience. As the months went by, I started feeling good about not adding my share to the environmental damage and animal slaughter. After some time the smell of a cooked chicken became absolutely horrible.

So, how did the life go on? Well.. I will tell you that I definitely became more conscious  about what I put into my body. Also, started googling recipes. I am quite natural in the kitchen, so it wasn’t too difficult to come up with my own salad recipes and whatnot. For those, who have to follow the recipes until the last word and measure things with the measuring cups.. yeah, it might be difficult but doable. Come on, it is just throwing some foods together and doing something with them!




Another thing that comes to my mind is eating out with people who don’t eat meat. That is the place when in the beginning all the nice words I could think of were “fu*k, cr*p, why”. Finding the place suitable both for a pescatarian and a meat lover.. a mind-blowing task. If the carnivore is happy with the food place, then the other will probably be eating kale and carrots. If the pescatarian is happy, then the other will be grumpy. And eating out with a person who hates fish.. this is a whole new level of happiness. Also, if there’s a party or a birthday or any kind of celebration which involves food, you can be pretty damn sure that you’re going to staaaaarve.

An interesting thing about being a pescatarian was that it felt as a whole other world opened up. I got acquainted with some new foods and recipes. Chia seeds, chickpeas and doing your own snackbars. It can be a challenge to make some delicious meal if you don’t eat meat and are too lazy to deal with the fish. My granma made a potato salad without meat and it was delicious! Still prefer it without meat. I have to admit that my family and friends were quite okay with the whole not eating meat thing. We made it work!




I am sure that there are a lot of people who think being a vegan or vegetarian or pescatarian is bullsh*it. “People need meet, we are carnivores/omnivores whatever, your health will decline without meat and you won’t gain any muscle” and so on. You are entitled to your (stupid with no backup) opinion. And let’s not forget the “rabbit food” jokes. It’s as if people do not see past kale when hearing vegetarian or vegan or other. A moment of silence for people’s magical (zero) imagination.




I took a body health analysis or whatever you call it + some blood work. And hell no, I did not lack in anything. I was actually in the best shape I have ever been! And no, I have no problem in gaining muscles. Not that I need to, because my current workout routine is for making the body strong and toned. What about my skin though? Well, it didn’t do anything. It might be shocking, but really, zero effect. Not going to lie, I was disappointed.




What did I get out of that year? Consciousness. Although I now eat fluffy and feathery animals in addition to veggies and fish, I still am conscious what I put in my body. It’s like i think through everything I eat. I read labels and google nutrition value. Because of that I am avoiding ready meals and processed foods. All good!

I also do not eat meat products every day all day. It is not like that at all. When I crave that juicy fried liver, I make it and that’s that. I still prefer seafood over anything else. I still think about the environment.

Why did I go back to meat? How did it feel? Well, it felt as I was missing something. And at times it felt as extreme limiting of oneself. It’s not like I was craving meat every single day. It was more like two times in one year; that one time I wanted the liver and the other time I wanted prosciutto. I could have gone further than one year but I just felt that this is enough. Life’s too short to limit yourself. What that one year taught me was that meat should not be primary and coming first with every fu*king meal. No. Have meat once in awhile but not as a standard. In that way it is already better for your health, overall feeling, environment. Whatever these words mean to every one of you reading this. I think you get my point.




I didn’ like labeling then and I don’t like it now. Vegan, pescatarian, vegetarian, maybe some other fancy words.. in the end what matters is how you feel. I eat and work out and take care of my body without labels. Remember, we only have one body, so take really good care of it!

EDIT. A few months of trying to eat meat, it just doesn’t work. The taste and the feeling after eating meat is like.. so damn awful. At least right now I am walking past the meat sections and continuing the life without fluffy cute animals. Who knew that coming back to meat just won’t happen! Feels like brain rewired as ridiculous as it sounds.


5 steps in skin care

  1. Exfoliator: Kiehl’s Skin Brightening Exfoliator
  2. Cleanser: Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant and Sebium H2O
  3. Toner: Pixi Glow Tonic and rose water
  4. Treatment: Duac gel and La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo
  5. Moisturiser: still looking, but vitamin E oil helps

Let’s be honest, if you are not a teenager and have even the mildest acne, it can be frustrating. I always had the best skin you can wish for, but all of a sudden the skin said “let’s have some fun and give you an adult acne!”. Well, not fun.




So, after trying to play with some elimination of foods and adding supplements I turned to skin care and tried some things. Elimination of certain foods is a whole other story and I am not going to get into detail in this post. Regarding supplements, I take zinc, fish oil and vitamin A and E.

Skin care. I do not even know how many hours I spent googling different products, what skin type I have, what skin needs and so on. The skin type has always been dry actually, but you know.. the T-zone. I also got into what skin needs and what products and ingredients do what (oh, the ingredients!). In the old days I used only some kind of a cleanse water and a moisturiser, but now I have an exfoliator, a cleanser, a tonic, treatment and a moisturiser. Seems a lot, but well, I guess my skin needs all of them. A girl gotta do what she gotta do.

There seem to be many opinions how to take care of your skin and it might be confusing for a lot of us. Do you exfoliate 2-3 times a week or do you need more often. What ingredients to avoid for not triggering breakouts and clogging pores. Do you need a tonic or not. How much time it takes for a product to work (about a month). You get the idea.


skin care blog post


1. I have heard about the Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate but that was about it. It actually worked like love and hate, one night it made my skin look really beautiful and another awful. But I did not give up, beacause I wanted so bad to like any of their products, beacause Kiehl’s seems to be quite good for the most part. So I purchased the exfoliator, which seemed to be the most suitable for me. I have to say I like it! It does the job and makes my skin feel smooth. It does not dry the skin, but it seems to make the oily bits a little bit better. All in all, I use it for getting rid of the dead skin cells and for now, to have something that exfoliates. It smells like fresh soap, so that is a plus!

2. Cleanser. I used to be the kind of person, who thinks that some kind of watery substance cleanser is enough. No. Now I also have a gel cleanser and Bioderma one seems to control oil and unclog the pores. My T-zone doesn’t seems as oily as it used to be. I use the H2O before the gel cleanser and they seem to work really well together to keep the pores in control and oil at bay. Bioderma’s Sebum line is for combination and oily skin, so maybe that is the key for my skin.

3. Toners. Everybody were raving (I guess still are) about the Glow Tonic (our friend Youtube and its youtubers), so I just had to give it a try. It is nice and gives you some kind of a glow (tingles a little bit). I also had rose water in my skin care bag, but never used it until now. I hate rose water smell (really really hate), but oh my, it works wonders. It seems to hydrate, take away any kind of irritation and helps with breakouts. If I ever run out of that, I will be faster than anyone to purchase another bottle of it. The great thing about rose water is that it really doesn’t matter what brand it is as long as it is good on the ingredients side (nothing in excess and the words you cannot pronounce). Until now, I also used the tonics in the wrong way. It seems that you do not wipe, but you pat your face. So, that is sorted now.

4. My dermatologist prescribed the Duac gel, which fights bacteria. If you have sensitive skin, it will probably burn like hell. I was lucky enough to not have that problem. I have to apply it all over the face, not only spots. That is actually logical, because applying only on the spots and leaving other areas affected by the bacteria out, it won’t work as whole. It is one thing that actually helped me. Yes, it takes time to make the skin beautiful but visible results were seen even after one use. As this thing dries the skin, I also looked into other supporting option, which is La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo. The active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide, which as we all know is good for acne. I have to say that this product really is good. So, the Duac gel in the evening and Effaclar in the morning for skin to be at least a little bit hydrated.

5. Before Duac gel treatment I used E vitamin oil. Now for the skin treatment time I do not use it, but it was really good. It is just like going back to basics: your skin needs vitamin E and that’s that. Yes, you cannot put it under your foundation, because it would get too oily, but for the night time routine it is great! I am still looking for a good moisturiser that is good with my skin, but I am sure, I will find it someday.

With some prescription (Duac) and renewed skin care products my skin is better. I hope, that this post is helpful at least for someone who is struggling with skin problems. 

Padise manor

padise manor olga bassova

You want to get away from the city? Enjoy something different from “standard” hotels? Relax? For a change, not cook your breakfast and just be lazy? Well, here you have it – Padise manor! Baroque architecture and nice (that is an understatement) interior, great staff and nature around.

The food. I am quite picky with my breakfast but this place surprised me. You have a variety of foods to choose from and it does not matter if you don´t eat meat because you have many other tasty choices. If you are going to have a dinner, prepare yourself for some delicious meals. I have to say that the portions are quite large, so maybe that piece of cake will not fit at the end.

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